Highly personalized for beginning or returning boaters.  Offered every Saturday or Sunday subject to space availability. 

Limited to 4 students. 


10:00-1:00 p.m.


3:00-6:00 p.m.


$99.00/ Session. Both/$169.00


Group A:  Ages 6-9

Group B:  Ages 10-12

Group C:  Ages 12-14

Group D:  15 and Older  (Beginners)

(Camps for Intermediate and Experienced Levels Are Scheduled by Reserving.  Call for more information)



Taught both on the dock and in our small motorboats, students will learn water and boating safety through activities designed specifically for the ages of each Group.   Emphasis will be placed on safety around water and on a boat.  Under the guidance of our instructors, students will practice active learning through the use of observation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.




Life Jacket  Hands on training in choosing the right size and type, fitting and checking. STEM TIP:  How do life jackets and boats float? 



Boarding and Moving SafetyAround A Boat  Practice boarding and loading people and things.  


What make a boat not tip over? What makes it more stability?



Boat Bound


Exploring the Wonders of the Oakland Estuary   Skippers will do a final fit of their life jackets, test each other for proper fitting and to Lt'l Nauti we go!  After students apply what they learned about safely boarding and loading a boat, they will learn what makes a motorboat move. Instructors will sail down the Alameda Estuary and introduce this natural habitat home to large and small fish, schools of hundreds of tiny smelt, ducks, geese, egrets,  brown pelicans and even a visiting sea lion or two.


SkipperCamper at the Helm  Depending on age, students will be encouraged to take the helm or be co-captain.  Under the instructor’s guidance, each student will lead their crew, as its skipper, to a specific markers in the estuary, learn to maneuver  360 turns, adjust to the pushes of the current and return to a marker. 


Boat Words  Through games, and challenges, Students will learn the most common boat terms while sailing.  They may sound like an "old salt" by the end of the day.




Weekend Camps Are Back!

  The Crew is Hard At Work Designing Longer Boat Camps and STEM learning Clinics

Thanks for Your Patience!

(We Have To Make Them Awesome and Awesome Takes Time!!!)