Skipper Camp's  is passionate about empowering students to take on challenges, gain confidence and excel beyond their own expectations in a fun and nurturing environment.


We bring together over two decades of experience teaching martial arts to all age levels, including special needs students and senior citizens. We have designed instruction to be focused but flexible. Skipper Camp assumes every student is unique, each arriving with their own challenges and learning style, as well as various levels of confidence and natural abilities.



"We encourage mistakes"


"As instructors, if a student is not learning the way we teach, then it is our responsibility to teach the way they learn. At Skipper Camp we encourage students to push themselves and make lots of mistakes. This is exactly where they should make them--under our guidance--so we can help each individual develop the necessary problem-solving skills they can use while boating, and in life."


Cpt. Lori

USCG Master